Evelyn on the Radio
Evelyn and Charity at the Iowa City Book Festival
Evelyn and Charity at the Iowa City Book Festival

Evelyn interviewed on KYFR Radio May 15th
Jenny Goodell (left) and Evelyn at the KYFR radio studio in Shenandoah, Iowa

Evelyn on KMA Radio
Evelyn (center) and friends on KMA radio, circa 1950
right arrow Evelyn and her son Jeff Birkby interviewed on the Dean and Don Show on KMA960, February 2014.
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right arrow Evelyn Birkby, "Always Put in a Recipe"
In 1949 Evelyn Birkby began writing a weekly column for the Shenandoah Evening Sentinel, her editor told her to include a recipe every single week -- and she did -- even though she couldn’t cook. Host Charity Nebbe, talks with Evelyn Birkby and her new book, a collection of her columns, is called “Always Put in a Recipe.” Listen
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right arrow Evelyn Birkby, "Witching for William"
Join Writers' Voices host Caroline Kilbourn as she interviews Evelyn on life and her 10th book, Witching for William; the search for her great-great grandfather, William Corrie. Listen
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right arrow KYFR Radio Interview
Jenny Goodell, host of the Local
Record Program on KYFR (www.familyradio.com), interviewed Evelyn on the topic of "Radio Homemaker Memories, Books & Recipes." Click below to listen online to the entire 15-minute radio interview, recorded in May 2010. Listen
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right arrow Sustainable Agriculture Spotlight
Rural Life in the 1940s—Lessons for Agriculture Today
Presented by the Green Talk Network
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Monthly radio broadcasts on KMA Radio (3rd Thursday of every month at 1:15pm CST)
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Interview with Wisconsin Public Radio's
"Whad'ya Know" Variety Show

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Radio broadcasts from the 1950s
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Evelyn broadcasting from KMA radio in 1990
Evelyn broadcasting from KMA radio in 1990

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Sustainable Agriculture Spotlight

This radio broadcast by Evelyn explores some of the approaches to farm life and community living that were common the rural Midwest in the 1940s, and how we can learn from those experiences to keep our farm families and farming communities sustainable today.


Listen | 56:07 min


listen"Up a Country Lane" (:24)
Announcer introduces Evelyn and her program (circa 1950)

listen"In Our Family" (1:10)
Evelyn describes her family (circa 1950)


listen"Flowerbed" (:50)
Pigs and tulips don't mix (circa 1950)

Evelyn delivering her monthly broadcast
on KMA radio in 2008
Evelyn delivering her monthly broadcast on KMA radio in 2008


listen"Goodbye" (:50)
Evelyn saying until next time (circa 1950)


Excerpts taken from:
Evelyn Birkby's "Up a Country Lane" on KMA Radio

Excerpts from the 1950's are courtesy Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.